Elizabeth Ellis

The first recipient of the John Henry Faulk Award from the Tejas Storytelling Association, Elizabeth has served three terms as its President. She has mentored and coached storytellers in Texas and around the nation for forty years. The National Storytelling Network honored her in 1997 with the Circle of Excellence Award which is “given to those recognized nationally by their peers to be master storytellers”. Elizabeth is the author of From Plot to Narrative, an award=winning hand book for the creation of stronger and more engaging stories, and Every Day a Holiday, a collection of some of her popular personal stories. With Loren Niemi, she co-authored the pioneering book Inviting the Wolf In: Thinking About Difficult Stories. In 2013 the National Storytelling Network honored her with its Lifetime Achievement Award. This is “presented to individuals in the storytelling community who have demonstrated meritorious service to the National Storytelling Network and to the storytelling community at large. The individuals who are awarded are those who have expanded public awareness of the art of storytelling by the virtue of their preservation of traditional art forms or the significant originality of their body of work.” Elizabeth is a mother and a grandmother. She lives in Dallas with her dog Woof.